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Download Vmware Workstation with Serial Key free
VMware Workstation 9 is your on-ramp to the cloud. With support for Windows 8, a brand new Web UI, restricted VMs, and Open GL support for Linux, it’s the perfect companion for getting work done.

VMware Workstation is a desktop virtualization solution that provides power users, system administrators and developers with the necessary capabilities to run and test multiple operating systems on the same computer.

To put it more simple, VMware Workstation enables you to run multiple virtual machines on your PC, allowing for extensive testing and development of complex networked server-class applications. Through its robust and powerful engine, it makes it easier for developers to introduce virtual infrastructure to a company and increase productivity.

The installation process is very simple, and it requires you to either choose typical or custom (recommended for advanced users). The program’s interface has a simple, yet organized look, featuring a Home panel that includes shortcuts to the most important utilities it brings along.

With VMware you can basically perform actions between virtual machines, such as cut, copy and paste text, images or email attachments (especially useful in Unity mode), while the drag and drop feature is available to move files, text or images between virtual machines (e.g. file managers, zip file managers).

Other features include taking a snapshot to maintain virtual machine states, changing workstation preference settings, installing and updating various tools, configuring virtual machine option/hardware settings, using a virtual network editor, using removable devices and printers, setting up shared folders, and running the support script.

You can bridge to existing host network adapters, CDs or DVDs, hard disk drives and USB devices. Plus, you can test live CDs without first recording them on discs or restarting the computer system.

VMware Workstation is a fast and practical tool that you should experiment with in case you need a virtualization tool. Workload significantly decreases, thanks to this innovative software.

Developer : Vmware

Size/OS : 425 MB/Windows 8, 7, Vista, xp , Linux 

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Vmware Workstation 9

Vmware Workstation 9 Serial Key
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  1. please how i can set up these files after download it

  2. im downloading it now… thx for sharing :D

  3. Unable to find the file bootstrap.lau in the installation package, this could be due to package corruption. Verify that the package has been downloaded correctly…

    sir what will I do in this problem of installation?

  4. Can i download the setup from official VM ware page(trial version) and use the KEY here ??
    Will that work?

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